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If you are in the construction business and worried about escalating costs of project implementation and management, then Projectworks is the right solution for you.

Projectworks is a ready-to-use Cloud-based online project documentation and collaboration solution, which enables you to overcome challenges in construction project management. It automates your key business processes, reduces costs and simplifies complex procedures. It offers unparalleled and unmatched benefits, such as, seamless exchange of information and documents among all stake-holders and online collaboration with external teams. You can also easily communicate with your architects and PMCs through a highly secure network using pre-configured industry standard processes.

Further, you can effortlessly access information in real time from anywhere, even using a mobile device, such as, an iPad or smartphone. Using Projectworks, you can be assured of completing your projects faster with less effort, and significantly fewer errors.

Features List

Check out some of the key features of Projectworks:

 Collaboration and Document Management

We understand your concerns surrounding the successful completion of a project. That's why Projectworks provides a platform for all the stakeholders to collaborate online; streamline project-related documentation; and effortlessly access approved drawings or important agreements online.


You must be aware that collaboration is complex in this business. But we have made that simple for you in Projectworks by offering the following benefits:

  • Submittals and Transmittals to submit, review, approve, or reject drawings, samples, test reports through alerts; or respond to reminders
  • Email Integration use Outlook™ to send out emails to any stakeholder.
  • Meetings minutes tracks discussions, pending issues, participants, agenda and even the archives of previous meetings.
  • Checklists keep track of the progress of the project activities to ensure timely and correct execution of work.

Document Management

You have worked on a very important project document, but don't remember its current file location… You have to quickly access an approved drawing, but are away from office… These problems don't exist when using Projectworks. No more lost documents; Projectworks provides a centralized document repository to store, organize and locate project documents on the web. Document management on Projectworks offers users key benefits such as:

  • Store and access any type of project document, such as drawings, agreements, reports, project files, site and construction images, and safety measures records, without worrying about the file format
  • Faster retrieval of documents; search by document name, upload date, user etc. to locate files quickly
  • Know who is working on the document and its location/ department. Capture and maintain each user's comments
  • Control access and visibility based on user's role permissions
  • Ensure team always works on the latest version and also have every version available when needed

 Business Process Automation

How often do you want to automate the entire business process? Projectworks makes this desire a reality. It facilitates Business Process Automation using customized templates and configurable workflows to eliminate inconsistencies, and errors. The key benefits:

  • Automate complex business processes, granting approvals and clearances, thereby enabling a paperless environment
  • Change pre-configured Business process to suit your rules; and also configure email alerts and notifications
  • Enhanced efficiency as the process is made consistent across teams
  • Reduced dependency on emails, enforcing a single collaboration platform for all stakeholders
  • Audit all the actions on a business process are recorded and available for review


 Work flow History

Do you often experience difficulty in tracking the history of a particular project or related document? In Projectworks you can immediately access a particular document's history. You can also:

  • Retrieve any version of a document for review
  • Track when, why and who approved/rejected a document
  • Access comments, reviews, and status at each stage
  • Take informed decisions by verifying a document


 Unified Inbox

Imagine you are faced with a situation on the project site where you need to attend to a task immediately, but you have not been informed. Projectworks' unified inbox eliminates this situation by tracking all outstanding items that require your action. This allows you to:

  • Get started with the day's work easily
  • Prioritize and attend to critical tasks
  • Quickly drill down to the issue right from the task list


 Project Management

Construction Project Management can be tedious and complex. To manage multiple projects simultaneously at different stages, yet ensure quality and fast completion of projects is a tough job. Projectworks offers immense benefits like:

  • Manage multiple projects of various sizes at different stages.
  • Simplify tedious tasks using project templates; customized to suit your business requirements
  • Enable easy and fast collaboration among key project participants like architects, contractors, project manager, engineers, inspectors etc.
  • Improved quality and faster project completion by optimizing the use of project resources and time

 Progress Tracking and Inspections

Are you constantly complaining about progress reports not always showing you the actual progress? Are you struggling to gather site information on a daily basis? Are you continuously challenged by progress reports that have to be presented to your manager(s)? Projectworks helps manage and track your project progress easily:

  • Track Milestones to completion
  • Easily generate accurate Daily Progress Reports
  • Capture and store digital images of inspection site issues and attach them with reports
  • Automate inspection report approvals.
  • Track your project sites and progress on GIS maps
  • Automatically distribute standard reports to management.

 Change Management and Issue Tracking

Ever felt that tracking the Change Process was cumbersome? Projectworks not only streamlines the process, but offers you the flexibility of issuing and managing the entire change process online. Addition, deletion, and modification in agreements; adjustment in the contract value or schedule are easily manageable. Projectworks allows you to:

  • Maintain and track uncompleted and unsatisfactory items prior to project closure using Project Punch Lists
  • Monitor issues closely to predict potential changes and track issues to closure
  • Simplify the RFI process by enabling all stakeholders to collaborate on a single platform
  • Track potential changes using Potential Change Orders
  • Trace the root of change, from RFI, to PCO, to Change Order
  • Automate Change Order generation from approved Potential change orders

 Dashboards and Reports

We have put an end to the era of fussy and confusing Dashboards. Projectworks has the smartest digital Dashboards, which provide critical metrics to help you perform better. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Ready-to-use industry standard Key Performance Indicators and reports ensures in-time corrective action
  • Smart graphical presentation of critical information for faster comprehension of project status
  • Reporting by exception ensures immediate attention to critical items
  • Personalized dashboards for every user at the same time ensuring controlled visibility of critical information
  • Faster reporting on real time data collected on site, without waiting for reports to arrive from site.

 User Configurable Reports & Forms

Ever pondered over generating custom-defined reports and forms based on varying needs and requirements? Projectworks helps you do that with the Configurable Reports and Forms option. Some of the highlights:

  • Easily add or remove fields from existing reports and forms without the help of experts
  • Create your own new reports and forms and immediately use them in your projects.
  • Reduced dependency on IT team or solution vendor.

 Integrated Mobility

It does not matter if you are outside the office or at another project site, you can still access critical information of every project. The integrated mobility of Projectworks offers benefits like:

  • Freedom to access project information anytime, anywhere
  • Supports tablet PCs, and iPADs
  • Share critical information in real time with stakeholders

 Guided Help

You don't need to scratch your head or seek expert advice to use Projectworks. It offers step-by-step instructions to use the software. Guided help on Projectworks provides users with following benefits:

  • Simple onscreen instructions ensures that you always know what to do
  • No training required
  • Enhance productivity right from the beginning

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